Welcome to Monaco 2020

Remarkably when we first launched what was then Datacentres Europe many years ago we had little real idea how much it would grow into the annual event for the sector and to what it has become today.

This became even more evident when BroadGroup recently received the highly coveted “Congress of the Year” Award for the Monaco event from C&IT, the leading global brand for the MICE industry. 

My conclusion now for the coming 2020 event is that the Datacloud Global Congress and Awards has transformed into the single most important transactional event for the datacentre sector.

We know now, from what we hear and what we are told, although much still remains outside the public domain, that it is recognized that the scale of deals transacted and initiated at the event itself each year has become very significant. This ranges from 10MW 15-year colocation deals through to M&A deals for sector players, financing deals and investment arrangements, location inward investment, as well as sales of major solutions and equipment often otherwise trailing through much longer cycles.
Much of this emanates from the level of participant themselves, which includes global infrastructure executives, hyperscales, key industry leaders, site selectors, a host of investors, professional intermediaries, solutions leaders, and a range of experts and consultants who advise and network across the three days spent in Monaco.
It is also evident that the event performs an opportunity for companies engaged in services for the sector – headhunters, training and professional development, membership organizations for example – to discover new leads among a highly international audience.

Previewing 2020, the programme will include a range of new features including a special focus on AI – with an AI exhibition Hub, an Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure theatre (including the many new types of cooling solutions), big debates and keynotes, the connected car, a special Edge Forum including an assessment of content wars- the race for OTT content and Edge delivery.

Always mindful of new data segments emerging and how they are managed, the event will look at the fast-growing user segment of e-Healthcare, and associated topics of infrastructure and privacy.

Service and competitive differentiation in HPC facilities, Blockchain and Crypto Mining are increasingly of relevance to location development, and the locations themselves promoting new energy, land and connectivity will be present at the event.

Another Finvest forum will include invited CEOs from companies making waves in the sector through expansion into new markets, innovation and acquisition. Fund leaders from the USD1B+ funds that are emerging to take stakeholdings in the datacentre sector, and datacentre sites and locations will pitch for business among the investor heavy audience.

And for our compatriots in France, we will be holding a special series of sessions covering the French datacentre, cloud and Edge market.
In total Monaco is the place to be seen and networked if you are involved in this sector. There has not been a better time to do so, even as we approach the seventeenth annual event, given the growth projections over the next five years.

The Awards ceremony too casts tremendous light globally on the excellent as well as the up and coming and reflects the impressive record of achievement not only for them but for the industry as whole of which Monaco has come the bellwether.

The team of BroadGroup are geared up for another great year delivering what we always hope will be another best ever for our many returning and new customers alike.
We look forward to meeting you in Monaco!.

Datacloud Global Congress and Awards takes place in Monaco June 2-4 2020.

Philip Low
Chairman, BroadGroup


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