Martin Levy
Network Strategy

Mr. Martin J. Levy holds the Network Strategy position at Cloudflare, a global company based in San Francisco, California. Mr. Levy has been involved in the operational world of TCP/IP for more than 30 years and has spent nearly half of that time focused on the well being of Internet backbones, peering and efficient distribution of content.

Mr. Levy worked at the prestigious Bell Telephone Laboratories in the early 80’s with a career revolved around the early days of deploying TCP/IP, DNS and routing protocols on Unix boxes. He has since worked on both early TCP/IP application development along with building global IP networks from the mid 90’s to mid 2000’s. Mr. Levy is mainly known for his dedication and unrelenting pursuit of the deployment of IPv6 within the global Internet. This is well-documented online. In March 2014 he joined Cloudflare.

Mr. Levy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Cybernetics from the University of Kent, Canterbury (UK 1978). He was born in London, England and has traveled extensively throughout his life. He now resides in California and has done so for well over half his life. He’s a UK/US dual citizen.