Thought Leadership and Insight from Zenium

Franek Sodzawiczny

For this edition, Datacloud spoke to Franek Sodzawiczny, CEO & Founder at Zenium

Datacloud: What do you see for the future of the industry?
The mid and long-term trends indicate that customers will increasingly demand that data center operators offer an infrastructure that is both agile and flexible, to fit hybrid and evolving IT solutions and demands. Networks will run across public and private clouds, and of course some systems will always be considered mission critical so run on-premise only.

Datacloud: What is the biggest opportunity in the industry today?
Zenium expects to see continued growth, initially stemming from customer needs to move quickly and confidently into new territories. Corporate services are growing rapidly and these fuel the need for robust data center capabilities, almost on demand. The key to effective cloud services is that they run efficiently and that means appropriate connectivity, which is one of our strengths.

Datacloud: What's one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?
Zenium is always looking to strengthen its portfolio and we are well positioned to move quickly when the right opportunity arises. This perhaps bold statement is reinforced by our recent data center acquisitions in the UK. Our goals continue to be to support our customers with the highest standard of data centers available in the market, in parallel with growth.

Datacloud: What do you think matters most in the development of the industry and its effect on business and society?
In order to develop, the data center industry has to look at product evolution - embrace new technologies and show innovation in the data center design itself. We are responsible for demonstrating that this sector is a good career choice, by reporting on successes and being open to continual improvement. From a business perspective, the associations and accreditations in the market should be taken seriously. Benchmarks to improve should be welcomed in order to encourage new ways of thinking and problem solving, leading to society benefits such as improved efficiencies, which in turn will have a positive impact on reducing traditional power demands.

Zenium will be at the Datacloud Europe 2017 congress in Monaco June 6-8th. Meet them there