Thought Leadership and Insight from Steen Hommel

Steen Hommel

For this edition of CLOUDS AHEAD Datacloud spoke to Steen Hommel the Director of Invest in Denmark & Innovation at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Datacloud: What do you see as the future drivers for the industry?

For sure, we will see a continued focus on availability of reliable renewable power, high-speed fibre connectivity and opportunities to improve energy efficiency of operations. The accelerated demand for bringing data storage online will add predictability and short time frame for greenfield investments to the list of main drivers.

Datacloud: What regions within Europe do you see as primed for IT asset expansion?

In terms of framework conditions, I see the Nordics topping the list. This is not least due to the availability of vast resources of low cost renewable power and in some areas, the potential for use of waste heat via existing district heating infrastructure. The need for data services is furthermore primed by the digital performance of the Nordic countries.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

We are proud that Denmark – over the past few years - has been selected to host several hyper-scale data centres. Our first goal is to continue our focus on serving the needs of these hyper-scalers, and further expand the critical mass already achieved.

Second goal is to unfold our potential for colocation and cloud service datacentres servicing a variety of European companies and institutions. Apart from a growing domestic market and proximity to central European market, our value proposition have been significantly upgraded after announcement of new fibre capacity to the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland and directly to the US.

It is all about listening to the needs of investors and providing facts about key issues such as power, latency, land, obtaining building permits, time frames etc.

Datacloud: How can our sector help to improve society?

Denmark has for consecutive years been ranked #1 in the European Digital Economy and Society index, measuring – amongst other things - integration of digital technology by businesses and the public sector. The extensive digitalisation of the Danish society is a result of a dedicated digitalisation policy and fully accepted as the basic and definite platform for future economic growth, ensuring competitiveness, developing healthcare services etc. Data centres, connectivity and green electrification are key backbone developments enabling and expanding the digital opportunity for the Danish society.

Steen will be at the Datacloud Europe 2018 congress in Monaco June 12-14th at Eaton Pod #2. Meet him there