Thought Leadership and Insight from Simon Young, Global Data Centre Account Manager, Aggreko

Simon Young

For this edition of the Clouds Ahead interview series, Datacloud Global spoke to Simon Young, Global Data Centre Account Manager, Aggreko

Datacloud: What are some of the key trends and challenges in the current global market?

During 2018 the market experienced record-breaking MW take up across the Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris (FLAP) and Nordic markets. In America, North Virginia continues to explode with data centre growth. Aggreko closely follow these markets and align our business strategy and data centre solutions alongside its development. We have also seen the emergence of key US operators entering the European market and the continued expansion of the hyperscale growth globally.

Challenges faced currently include the availability of utility power, followed by carrier neutral connectivity, and the ability for the operators to construct or expand critical facilities at the same pace of demand, “potentially” gearing operators to follow more of a hyperscale business model of multi MW data centre campus development in the future.

Regarding power provision challenges and availability, the demand to shift to green, renewable energy sources is high on the agenda.

Datacloud: How do you think the future landscape of the cloud, edge and 5G technologies will look like?

It is a very difficult question to answer, all three areas will continue to develop, and we will see continued growth and investment in these areas. Globally it will have a positive impact on job role creation, sector growth and technology advancements. This will further support the exponential growth of connective devices, the provision of more OnDemand services and eradicating latency issues. One thing that is for certain the technology platforms such as Edge, Cloud and 5G will all need to be supported by power, cooling and connectivity … which is all positive news for Aggreko!

Datacloud: What regions do you see as primed for IT infrastructure asset expansion?

Firstly the uncertainty of “Brexit” sees the continued development of the key European locations, many of our current projects focus on Ireland, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and the ever-growing Nordic regions.

The hyperscale organisations commitment to growth and expansion globally currently sees a focus on the Far East markets such as Singapore and Japan and these highlight the key areas Aggreko are working in currently. Recently, additional enquiries for bridging power solutions in emerging technology markets such as continental Africa, Latin America and India potentially highlights expansion locations for the sector.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

The very nature of our business at Aggreko in the data centre sector is predominantly reactive. We are working closely with key clients on a global scale in order to be more strategic in our go-to-market business plan for the data centre sector. Thus, allowing us to be more of a long-term partner, rather than be called upon late in the program or in emergency situation.

With our global reach and continuity of quality products and solutions, Aggreko, aim to be an extension to the data centre sector supply chain and a preferred supplier in projects requiring power Infrastructures, temperature control solutions, load bank services, IST/SAT testing at the initial design stages to compliment the work we do during and post construction phase.

Simon Young will be at Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco from 4 to 6 June 2019. Meet him and the team on stand 32!