Thought Leadership and Insight from Pierre-Luc Barbe, General Manager, RENTALOAD

 Pierre-Luc Barbe

For this edition of the Clouds Ahead interview series, Datacloud Global spoke to Pierre-Luc Barbe, General Manager, RENTALOAD

Datacloud: What are some of the key trends and challenges in the current global market?

From our perspectives, the main challenge remains in finding sustainable solutions to sustain the exponential expansion. Under “sustainable solutions”, one should understand limited carbon footprint on both building and running data centers, training program to prepare new human resources to cope with the challenges of this industry and optimization of data center efficiency.

Datacloud: How do you think the future landscape of the cloud, edge and 5G technologies will look like?

I have the image of a country map with main hubs (cloud, 5G information management), secondary towns (edge) with 5G side links.

Datacloud: What regions do you see as primed for IT infrastructure asset expansion?

Existing FLAP hubs should still continue to drive strong investments even though Nordics will definitively play a new role on future IT infrastructure expansion.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

I strongly believe that tests & commissioning (IST tests) on new Data Center can be done a different way. With the vision of connected rackable and low delta T load banks, of live datas transferred to 3D modelizations and final printed reports released from a supervision software, we should be able to propose shorter tests with more added values for the final users. We are therefore aiming at exporting our “French tech” to all European countries with dedicated local teams.

Pierre-Luc Barbe will be at Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco from 4 to 6 June 2019. Meet him and the team on stand 58!