Thought Leadership and Insight from Node Pole

Patrik Öhlund

For this edition, Datacloud spoke to Patrik Öhlund CEO at Node Pole

Datacloud: What do you see for the future of the industry?
Patrik: Thanks to overall global trends such as IoT, AI, video streaming, etc the overall market will continue to grow. Specifically, we expect to see substantial growth in hyperscale cloud, high-performance computing and distributed IT (edge).
We also expect the sustainability perspective to become even more present in business decisions.
IT growth has finally gotten on the C-suite agendas in most enterprise companies – and we will now see more proactive and aggressive movements as a result.
We will see an increased consolidation in the enterprise segment, both to public and private cloud solutions. The increased cost pressure from hyperscale solutions and focus on sustainability will make the colocation market an even more competitive environment and this will force major colocation companies to adapt their operational models to stay competitive.
We are sure to see more industry tailored offerings, although most actors still approach all growth markets.

Datacloud: What is the biggest opportunity in the industry today?
Patrik: The biggest opportunity is that you now for the first time can achieve flexibility and scalability at the same time – to use new technology solutions for setting up more cost-efficient operational solutions than ever before.
For example, both data processing and storage can be optimised over different physical locations in a seamless fashion, optimising both customer quality and operational efficiency at the same time.
This will make it possible for proactive companies to get the upper hand and stay ahead of competition that remain in old business setups.

Datacloud: What's one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?
Patrik: By the end of next year, we will have established a new business platform for smooth and efficient collaboration between our customers and partners, so that our customers can make quick and efficient use of the comparative advantages we can provide.
We will achieve this using new digital solutions which will greatly help our stakeholders’ decision making while substantially decreasing time-to-market.

Datacloud: What do you think matters most in the development of the industry and its effect on business and society?
Patrik: Creating sustainable business models. To be successful in the future, companies should operate in ways that are sustainable both from a financial and environmental perspective. If you fail to do this, you will be out of business as your customers will move on to more sustainable and cost-efficient solutions.

Node Pole will be at the Datacloud Europe 2017 congress in Monaco June 6-8th. Meet them there