Thought Leadership and Insight from Karl Mellon

Karl Mellon

For this edition Datacloud spoke to Karl Mellon VP Investments, Business Sweden & Data Centers by Sweden in San Francisco

Datacloud: What do you see as the future drivers for the industry?

The rapid and explosive adoption of AI & proliferation of IOT devices across all industry sectors.

Datacloud: What regions within Europe do you see as primed for IT asset expansion?

The Nordic countries in particular, Sweden, where there is available renewable clean energy, a robust grid network and the lowest energy costs in Europe

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

Continue to keep abreast of developments in the industry and adopt the product offerings as necessary from Sweden to meet the changing customer demands

Datacloud: How can our sector help to improve society?

By adopting and embracing fully, a clean energy mind set not solely focusing on PUE but also taking into account water efficiency and the overall impact and use of all our scarce natural resources.

Datacenters by Sweden will be at the Datacloud Europe 2018 congress in Monaco June 12-14th. Meet Karl Mellon and the Data Centers by Sweden team @ Stand 58 Cell +1.650.793.3699