Thought Leadership and Insight from Frank Brand, Managing Director, ICTroom

Frank Brand

For this edition of the Clouds Ahead interview series, Datacloud Global spoke to Frank Brand, Managing Director ICTroom.

Datacloud: What are some of the key trends and challenges in the current global market?

We see that Edge technology and IoT are rapidly advancing in the datacenter landscape. This development forces datacenters to completely rethink the way capacity is managed and distributed. ICTroom has now fully equipped its portfolio with specific datacenter infrastructures specifically for these developments and trends.

Datacloud: How do you think the future landscape of the cloud, edge and 5G technologies will look like?

By 2022, more than 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside the datacenter or cloud. Without a doubt, Edge/IoT/5G will play their role and have an even bigger impact on how we will design, build and operate datacenter infrastructures than we can foresee now. We’ll see that smaller, more distributed datacenters will be the standard in the years to come. In no way will requirements remain static, so flexibility, speed of deployment and scalability are key.

Datacloud: What regions do you see as primed for IT infrastructure asset expansion?

ICTroom currently sees Western Europe as the region with the most opportunities for our organisation. With the opening of new offices in Germany and France, we have set ourselves up to be able to take advantage of the opportunities in these markets. Franck Volko, ICTroom's country manager for France is now rapidly gaining market position and is identifying the right partnerships to support him in this. The Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco provides an excellent platform for making the right contacts of course. Besides France, The Nordic countries are also showing good growth for us and an ICTroom office will most probably be opened here in the not too distant future as well.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

We are really excited about seeing Edge technology and IoT rapidly advancing in the datacenter landscape. This development forces datacenters to completely rethink the way capacity is managed and distributed. Keeping up the pace with providing the capacity that needs to be deployed for IoT/Edge/5G applications and the infrastructure to support those, will be a genuine stress test for the industry. It will require a firm control over vendor coordination and supply chain management. Next to sufficient capacity, the quality of installation and integration will after all need to be on point. The industry must be prepared for the fact that customers will continuously strive for increased performance and efficiency at lower costs. Needless to say that ICTroom is continuously aligning its portfolio with market developments. In order to do so, we are looking at various partnership possibilities to be able to form ecosystems who will support suppliers of various IoT solutions in their offerings to the end-user customer.

Frank Brand will be at Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco from 4 to 6 June 2019. Meet him and the ICTroom team on stand 56!