Thought Leadership and Insight from E.ON

Martin Sagnert

For this edition Datacloud spoke to Martin Sagnert, Business Manager E.ON Sweden

Datacloud: What do you see as the future drivers for the industry?

Smart solutions and innovation making Datacenters a more integrated part of the future energy infrastructures in our cities. For example large scale heat recycling then goes from just being “the right thing to do” to being a very interesting business case. This is already happening.

Datacloud: What regions within Europe do you see as primed for IT asset expansion?

The Nordics. Low cost of energy, stable Power Grid for heavy industry, cold climate, large supply of renewable energy, low political risk, great possibilities for heat recycling.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

Establishing another Green Datacenter where sustainability means the better business case for both the Datacenter, energy company as well as the customers.

Datacloud: How can our sector help to improve society?

See above.

Martin will be at the Datacloud Europe 2018 congress in Monaco June 12-14th. Meet him and the team from Data Centers by Sweden at stand 58 t