Thought Leadership and Insight from Brian Davis, Head of Americas Data Center Segment and Strategic Account Manager, ABB

Brian Davis

For this edition of the Clouds Ahead interview series, Datacloud Global spoke to Brian Davis who leads the Americas Data Center business for ABB.

Datacloud: What are some of the key trends and challenges in the current global market?

There is clearly a shortage of diversity and new talent in the industry. I hope to continue to see a concerted and collaborative effort to fix these issues.

Industry 4.0 is a trend that is reaching the data center industry. To keep up, we need system expertise to design and execute new digital technologies. This will drive efficiency and optimization in digital data center operations.

Finally, the industry is growing so quickly which is driving demand for increased global capacity (manufacturing and people).

Datacloud: How do you think the future landscape of the cloud, edge and 5G technologies will look like?

These technologies are driving bifurcation of facilities and infrastructure to large or micro data centers. Large data centers won’t go away, but will work in conjunction with hundreds of thousands of small localized data centers and network aggregation points.

Datacloud: What regions do you see as primed for IT infrastructure asset expansion?

I expect we’ll see expansion in many regions, including North and South America, Northern and Western Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Each region has its own economical, political and geographic advantages and most data center companies are expanding their footprint around the world.

Datacloud: What is one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?

ABB is positioned to help the industry navigate the digitalization journey. We hope to help move the industry in the right direction by partnering with key leaders in the industry on digitalization projects and product development.

Brian will be at Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco from 4 to 6 June 2019. Meet him and the team on stand 44!