60 Second Interview with Kathy Schneider Senior VP Product & Marketing EMEA at Cloud Platinum Sponsor Level 3 Communications

Kathy Schneider

Datacloud: What do you see for the future of the industry?
KS: With cloud already a reality, we will see an acceleration of adoption with more and more non-core applications and activities becoming hosted. As per Ovum Enterprise Cloud Services Forecast from January this year, Cloud Services are growing worldwide at 21.97%, meaning lots of headroom. In another Enterprise Insights report from 2015, Ovum indeed points to Cloud Computing Services as the ICT expenditure with the largest planned growth. This is underpinned by market trends, which put CIOs under ever more pressure to be efficient and reduce costs. To free up investment for business transformation programs, for example delivering more online and self-service operations, CIO’s must minimise their ‘business-as-usual’ running costs. This requires a cloud strategy. As their confidence with Cloud adoption increases we’ll see accelerated growth.

Datacloud: What is the biggest opportunity in the industry today?
KS: To enable enterprises to leverage technology as a transformational investment for their business model that unleashes their competitive advantages, not just a cost that helps their businesses run. Enterprises look for three things: achieving growth, doing so efficiently and ensuring security. Proactivity is key with security, as it needs to be embedded across enterprises’ entire infrastructure, so threats can be averted at a network level before they get in and cause harm. Addressing this challenge and opportunity is what keeps us at Level 3 excited.

Datacloud: What's one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?
KS: In line with my point above, at Level 3 we want to support our customers with their targets around growth, efficiency and security. To meet global customer demand, we are building on our EMEA strategy which includes investments in our teams, our network as well as expanding our solutions portfolio in the region. For example, we recently launched our E-Line Services and Voice Complete. My personal goal within this is to share with CIOs our point of view on an effective network strategy that enables business transformation.

Datacloud: What do you think matters most in the development of the industry and its effect on business and society?
KS: Security, security, security. We have seen how hackers and other sources of threats are aggressive and inventive. The goal-post keeps moving. Security threats can have deep economic and personal impact, as seen in well-publicized breaches from banking to social apps. There is also the risk to public services and safety. For Level 3, providing our industry with solutions that have security built in end-to-end is increasingly crucial for the smooth running of both businesses and society at large.

Datacloud: Why do you feel awards ceremonies still have a role in today’s e-world?
KS: Peer and expert evaluation of the industry services we provide matters because it encourages players to be transparent and authentic about their capabilities. Customers look for objective validation as one of various inputs to their consideration set. Also, awards promote a spirit of healthy competition for delivering the best outcomes for our customers.