60 Second Interview with: Gunnar Menzel VP & Chief Architect Officer, Capgemini Infra

Gunnar Menzel

Judge for awards:
1. Cloud Technical Breakthrough Award
2. Datacentre Leadership Award

Datacloud: What do you see for the future of the industry?
GM: Change is the only constant (Heraclitus, 553BC – 475 BC) and the future of the (IT) Industry is driving and enabling the business and end users to continue to grow and develop further. From and IT perspective this year will be the year of “hybricity”, automation via autonomous teams, and of course “everything as software”.

Datacloud: What is the biggest opportunity in the industry today?
GM: Cloud, automation and “everything as software” are 3 key opportunities for us. Cloud maturity is still low in many sectors and regions and with the safe harbour ruling in 2015 this year will be interesting to see what the impact will be. As per Gartner’s prediction, “nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017, Hybrid cloud computing is at the same place today that private cloud was three years ago; as actual deployments are low, but aspirations are high”. See here my detailed view.

Datacloud: What's one of your goals for the next year and how do you expect to achieve it?
GM: Personally my main objective for the year is to drive innovation; to be recognised as an innovator in the market; to drive real value for our clients and for us. In addition I am a keen Marathon runner and I am hoping to improve my PB @ this year’s London Marathon.

Datacloud: What do you think matters most in the development of the industry and its affect on business and society?
GM: That is a wide question – I think the most important thing is “real business / end user impact”. The IT Industry can be at times too technology focused and the key will be ensuring that everything we do is business and end user focused.