Data Economy Awards

The Data Economy Awards will be presented at the Datacloud Global Awards Ceremony, evening 4th June 2019, Le Sporting, Salles des Etoiles, Monte Carlo

Nominations Close 5 April 2019


An independent panel of Judges will assess this year’s Data Economy Awards which are designed to recognize excellence among providers of legal, real estate, investment and M&A services across data centre, cloud and edge sectors. The Judges will be looking particularly for evidence of success in performance, innovation and in the delivery of services. An overall objective of these Awards is to discover “best in class” exemplars, set high levels of industry excellence and provide benchmarks for professional services and achievement in these important and growing industry sectors.

Nominations are actively invited from the global readership of Data Economy the pre-eminent online and printed news service exclusively focused on data centre, cloud and edge markets, service providers and their enterprise customers and investors.

No charge is made for any nominations submitted.


Criteria for Nominations:
*Each nomination is limited to a total of 600 words.
*Where appropriate, for each nomination, please advise the names of Advisory Businesses and Banks involved.

Law Firm of the Year Award

Demonstrable evidence of outstanding impact in providing legal services to data centre, cloud, or edge companies over the past year through professional excellence and or business improvement.

Real Estate Deal of the Year Award

Provide evidence of outstanding achievement in delivering real estate deals for data centre, cloud or edge companies over the past year. Nominations are welcome from commercial real estate firms, private equity funds, investment management companies, and real estate investment trusts and their advisors.

Edge Investment Award

Demonstrate singular success in any Edge investment over the past year. Provide evidence of overall financial value of the investment made, explain why the investment is viable and how its success will be evaluated in future.

M&A of the year Award

The winner in this category will be awarded to the outstanding merger and acquisition anywhere globally over the last 12 months in data centre, cloud or Edge with the deal being evaluated based on size, complexity and market impact. Judges will consider factors including, but not limited to value, businesses involved, strategies and challenges, relevant competition and market impact and potential.