Lichang Zheng
Peering Leader, IDC Developer

Despite her young age, Lichang has gathered a wealth of working experience in both the domestic & international spheres throughout her career.

Lichang first joined a Dutch based International company as their Procurement and Logistics Manager, a role that she performed for more than 2 years. Her career then evolved into more managerial roles when she was promoted to the position of Managing Director. As Managing Director, Lichang's main responsibilities covered the planning and development of company’s international business, the negotiation for strategic resources such as network and datacenter capacity, and also to improve company-wide business efficiency.

Currently Lichang has the role as Peering Lead and Senior Business Developer at Tencent, the most valuable Chinese tech company. At Tencent, Lichang is responsible for the strategic negotiation of network and datacenter resources overseas. She is also responsible for engaging and building business relationships with international Internet Service Providers, whose subscribers are the prime consumers of the Tencent product lines. Her experience has helped Tencent optimize cost through the years, while building tight relationships with large international companies that enable strong business affinity with Tencent itself.