Finland aims for more data centers with new fiber cable to Germany

For companies searching for a smart and profitable data center location, there’s never been a better time to look North, writes Sari Ojala from Invest in Finland.

Finland already hosts data centers for Google, Microsoft, Yandex and TelecityGroup, and it has been a source of pride to become a trusted location for these IT giants as well as many other companies. But it’s always nice to be able to say that we can still do things even better.

In fact, locating a data center in our cool northern climes has just become even smarter and more profitable, thanks to Cinia’s completion of the Sealion submarine cable from Helsinki to Rostock in Germany this year.

Digital highway bridging East and West

The ultra-fast fiber cable represents a new digital highway not just between the two countries, but it will also become the shortest and most trusted bridge between the East and West. Its low latency and cyber-secure connections will create exciting new business opportunities, also extending to Asia when the future North-East passage becomes operational.

In addition to connectivity and strategic location, Finland is a smart choice in terms of solid digital infrastructure and green power. We have one of the most reliable power grids in the world, with renewable energy on tap. Data sovereignty is also something that we take very seriously.

Boosting the bottom line

As for data center profitability, Finland does its best to keep the electricity bills to a minimum. The price of electricity in Finland is actually about 50% lower than in Germany and there is an electricity tax incentive for data centers with a total power usage of at least 5 MW. At these latitudes, free cooling comes as standard. Also Finland’s labour costs are affordable even though its workforce enjoys one of the best education systems globally.

Sounds interesting? Then contact us here at Invest in Finland and find out more about the 36 brownfield and greenfield sites that we have already identified for your next data center developments. And yes, they do all have building permission.

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