Data Management Industry Gathers Momentum

Research shows that 80-90 percent of medium and large companies in the US outsource IT, HR or accounting services, focusing solely on core business. This trend is also visible in the UK, Germany or France while the prevalence of outsourcing diminishes in South and Eastern Europe. This discrepancy has historical roots. Twenty years ago, every company controlled all aspects of their business and it takes time for changes to occur. Another distinctive feature is the fragmentation of the Polish data management market – no major global player is present here yet. Despite that, Poland is catching up quite rapidly. The market is growing at a double digit rate per year and – in our opinion – a visible acceleration is around the corner. This is due to a few factors.

First of all, there are signs of looming market consolidation due to the aforementioned fragmentation, but also because of technological novelties and a phenomenon which are sometimes called “the ROI trap .” Many companies were set up by engineers, who concentrated on developing innovative solutions, but neglected sales and marketing. In those cases, returns on capital turned out to be lower than investors' expectations and this is a significant condition for consolidation. The second factor that accelerates market growth is the digitization of public services. The third is the development of new products. And lastly, the onset of Big Data and the Internet of Things, which requires the processing of large volumes of data.

The biggest Polish insurers, banks, telecom companies, etc. are among data centers customers. Why do they choose to outsource their services rather than keeping them in-house? The particular advantages of data management outsourcing are threefold. Firstly, nothing disturbs you and you can focus on your core business. Second is operational excellence – for example Atman as a data center operator hires more than 100 engineers with a cumulative six million hours of experience, more than any other company in Poland. The issues with data management that might be challenging for others are an everyday task for us. The last thing is money – outsourcing is cost-effective and brings savings.