Data centre trends: everything has to be fast and easy

Author: Bernd Hanstein, Vice President Product Management IT at Rittal

Nowadays, companies want to achieve an energy-efficient and secure IT infrastructure as easily as possible. This is especially true for medium-sized enterprises, where companies cannot afford to perform any major experiments. For example, the IT environment down to the server enclosure level must offer a high degree of physical security, starting with access protection, and including mechanically stable doors and a system to provide early warning of fires based on sensitive sensors directly in the rack. At the same time, customers demand a transparent calculation of IT operating costs and a high level of reliability. Here, perfectly coordinated components for climate control and energy supply are needed, closely oriented towards the purpose of the IT within the company.

Industrialisation in data centre construction is making it faster and easier than ever before to achieve an efficient IT infrastructure of one's own. With the RiMatrix Balanced Cloud Center, it is possible to construct a turnkey IT infrastructure in a container to produce a secure private cloud environment including components for servers and networks. The Rittal Micro Data Center also offers companies the opportunity to operate their information technology in a protective room with a resistance class of as high as four, in order to meet the requirements of the IT security legislation.