Unlocking the latest data centre frontier: By Africa, For Africa, With Africa – a compelling comparative edge

by Dhaneshwar Damry

Why the cloud is putting data centres in their place

The cloud’s on a race to zero. With the cost of data storage plummeting and hot competition between big name providers, prices are being cut to the bone to attract new customers. Major players are also aggressively improving reach and quality of service by rolling out new regional data centres around the globe.

Six Ways to Modernize Your WAN

by Claudio Scola

Society has moved beyond smoke signals and carrier pigeons, but given the ever-changing demands on your business, your network may still be in need of some modernization. Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud and getting the right blend of public and private cloud is critical in supporting the future demands of IT. The data center has evolved into various ‘as a Service’ (XaaS) models and the network is following suit. If you’re considering or already using a CSP (Cloud Service Provider) or even just SaaS based applications, your network needs to evolve. How?