And there was me … I thought it was Shakespeare

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" is actually attributed to Erasmus of Rotterdam, a 16th-century Dutch Renaissance humanist, also a social critic, Catholic priest, teacher and theologian. The quote is an idiom. It refers to the idea that someone who might not normally be considered special can stand out if that person is surrounded by people who are less capable.

Fifteen+ years ago when the data centre market was in its infancy and everyone was claiming that they provided managed services, without actually understanding the difference between colocation and managed service, and before anything was “as a service”, the CBRE Data Centre Solutions Transactional Team was created.

Year-after-year the team has had to re-invent itself and broaden its capabilities, not that that the market was ever blind, but now on both sides of the transactional fence the buyers and sellers have billions of dollars of transactions under their belts, so you could ask who needs a broker.

Well thankfully three things have happened:

1. The data centre market both wholesale (lots of of space – and you do everything yourself) and retail colocation (the supplier does as much as you need based on small but increasing footprints) has grown exponentially year after year.
2. Markets are getting more esoteric and the edge is getting further away from the centre, so if you don't know your Mumbai from your Maputo you should pack up and go home.
3. CBRE have dramatically broadened its capabilities to cover new geographies with dedicated teams in Asia-Pac and acquired Norland and Johnson Controls facilities management, making it the largest critical facilities management team on the planet.

So while the buyers and sellers, of which CBRE can and do ethically and professionally support both with dedicated and uniquely separated teams, get more savvy and geographically demanding, CBRE continues to do 70% of the brokered deals year-on-year and that number continues to grow.

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