Seppo Ihalainen
CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Seppo Ihalainen is CEO and Co-founder at Ficolo. Since co-founding Ficolo in 2011 Seppo has grown Ficolo to a recognized cloud delivery and data center partner. Ficolo was Finland’s first company focusing on colocation and is today one of Finland’s fastest growing companies. The company has entered a new phase with international customer’s seeking the benefits of a Nordic data center location combined with a trusted and flexible partner. Under Seppo’s leadership Ficolo has experienced strong growth, enabled by unique flexibility, attractive Multi-Cloud portfolio and relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Seppo’s career spans more than 15 years in the ICT-sector and includes founding, nurturing and exiting a VAS and networking company. He has held the role as Head of Technology at TDC Finland responsible for network and data center operations in Finland.

Prior to TDC, Seppo served as Regional Director at Seven Networks in Singapore and Dubai, where he oversaw operations of mobile applications solutions to clients such as Etisalat, Watanya, Singtel and China Unicom.

Seppo has also acted as an ICT consultant and advisor to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in East-Timor working with the Central Bank of East Timor and during this time acted as an ICT Advisor for the Ministry of Transport and Communications.