Patrick Lopez
VP Networks Innovation

Patrick Lopez is vice president of Networks Innovation at Telefonica group.

With over 20 years building, launching and operating telecoms businesses in startups, mid-sized and tier one multinationals, he has a broad hands-on experience in general management and strategy in the United States, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and France.

At Telefonica, Patrick supports a team of innovators composed of developers, network hackers, data scientists and UX specialists dedicated to inventing next generation networks, services and business models. The teams use open source, agile and devops methodologies adapted to our mobile, fixed, enterprise and TV networks. Connecting the Unconnected, Edge Computing, AI-based network operations, telco network platforms, services personalization, gaming streaming, access networks virtualization (mobile and fixed) are some of the areas investigated.

Prior to Telefonica, Patrick was founder and CEO of {Core Analysis}, the leading industry analyst practice at the intersection of mobile networks, video and cloud.
He was exclusive advisor to Opera software in its acquisition of Skyfire for $155 million; before this, he was part of the teams that sent the world’s first mobile picture message (MMS) and deployed the first streaming video optimization engine for mobile networks.

Patrick has collaborated to various industry and financial reports including Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston, Frost & Sullivan, Yankee group, Ovum, ... and has written several articles in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, Wireless Week, Fierce wireless, RCR Wireless News, CNN and CNBC.

Patrick currently resides in Madrid, Spain and has worked in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and France. He holds a MBA in Corporate Management.