• 4th June - The Edge & 5G Infrastructure Forum – Report Launch - Indigo Suite

  • There is increasing industry consensus that the success of enterprise 5G will depend a lot on the deployment of Edge Infrastructure. High density deployments of 5G will in turn provide significant growth in bandwidth from the new radio spectrum made available. Edge and Edge data centers have already been signalled as the facilitator of smart factories, will create new service opportunities in tiered cities, enable autonomous cars, and used in retail, insurance, broadcast, multimedia and other verticals. As one retail enterprise customer put it, “the Edge is my store.”

    Edge players are already bringing transformative opportunities to business users globally. Data center players, manufacturers and supplier organizations can leverage these technologies to create over the multi-year implementation of 5G, completely new service propositions and business opportunities for their own enterprise customers. 5G has to be assessed not as a new standalone technology and service, but more powerfully beneficial when deployed using Edge infrastructure.

    In the forerunner stage of Edge and 5G evolution, and infrastructure deployment, this timely global forum assesses current and planned use cases for Enterprises to provide valuable insight into completely new sources of customer value and also the new and innovative business expansion opportunities that lie ahead.

  • 5th June - Datacloud Global Congress - Central Theatre

  • 08:00
  • Registration Opens
  • Chair: Iain Gillot, President, iGR
  • 09:10
  • Opening Keynote Presentation

    Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President of Innovation & CTO, Schneider Electric, IT Division

  • 09:30
  • Datacloud Global Congress Global Leadership Panel

    Our panel of global leaders in the mission-critical infrastructure landscape discuss some of the key trends, technologies and challenges in the global market.

    Introductory presentation:
    William Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange

    Moderator: Michael Tobin, Industry Entrepreneur
    William Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange
    Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenters
    Tesh Durvasula, President – Europe, CyrusOne
    Christopher Sharp, CTO, Digital Realty

  • 10:20
  • The Infrastructure Masons Global Advisory Council Panel
  • 11:00
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 11:30
  • Network Agility & Resilience

    Cloud services, IoT, edge services – all ultimately underpinned by the network. Demand and pressure on network provision is set grow exponential in the coming years with the advents of 5G, maturity of cloud services and devices. Here we will explore how automation and analytics tools and technologies are enabling future networks and the pivotal role they play in the move to digital enterprises and industry 4.0.

  • 12:00
  • Application Centric Infrastructure and Serverless Computing

    While serverless computing does not do away with servers, its promise is to eliminate the need for infrastructure management and provision – in theory opening a more agile approach to service requirements and resourcing, placing more of an emphasis on API and SLA management. While current adoption is low, significant deployments are predicted by 2020 and understanding how, when and why to implement serverless strategies is critical.

  • 12:30
  • Infrastructure Everywhere – Preparing for Global Enablement

    While very few infrastructures are truly global, the concept of global infrastructure is a strategy under increasing scrutiny. Global enterprises need to scrutinise and work with their core partners under tight budgets and cost pressures. Here we explore the key factors to consider when engaging with service providers to ensure they are delivering business value and how best to collaborate to ensure current and future requirements are met.

  • 13:00
  • Lunch
  • 14:00
  • The Digital Enterprise and the Path to Industry 4.0

    Digital technologies have become integral to almost all industry verticals in today’s business landscape. And the landscape of tools and technologies available for enterprises to embark on their digital strategy is expanding every day. Digital strategy is a requirement to maintain competitive and also requires a rethink of existing strategies. Here we explore best practice for developing and implementing a digital transformation and how to maximise the return on the significant investment this can require.

  • 14:30
  • Case Study: Developing Data Center Strategy to Support Cloud and Edge Migration

    Tom Keane, Corporate VP – Azure Global, Microsoft

  • 14:50
  • Enabling Next-Gen Data Centers

    Mikael Berggren, Director Business Development Data Center, Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) Business Unit, Delta EMEA

  • 15:10
  • Keynote Presentation
  • 15:30
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 16:00
  • Panel Discussion: New Cloud Models – Managing a Diverse Digital Ecosystem

    On-prem is far from dead. Rather the trend toward dispersed networks and edge infrastructures/technologies is seeing an evolution in hybrid cloud infrastructures. How should enterprise draw the line between on-prem and cloud? What is driving demand for hybrid provision? How are cloud providers evolving their product to support customers? And how does this impact the business model underpinning cloud economics?
    Moderator: Tom Traugott, VP Strategic Accounts, EdgCore Internet Real Estate

  • 16:30
  • Overcoming Efficiency Bottlenecks – Automating the Data Center

    Data center operational efficiency continues to be a key focus for operators and with an increasingly diverse IT landscape, a sphere that continues under pressure. Variable workloads and the move towards a dispersed IT portfolio with the rise of edge services, further complicates the ability to drive efficiency and effectiveness. What technologies and models are currently in deployment and development? How can operators ensure that assets are futureproofed for minimal intervention and future resilience?

  • 17:00
  • End of Day One
  • 5th June - Datacloud Global Congress - Theatre 2

  • 11:00
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • 11:30
  • Delivering a Connected Society – How Can Industry and Government Cooperate to Deliver Future Infrastructure?

    The importance of connectivity to a functioning society and economic competitiveness is unquestioned, however at times, governmental and industry objectives can appear to be in conflict. How can both sides best work to ensure the successful development of infrastructure ready for the digitally connected society of the future? Jeanette Nilsson, Project Leader, RISE SISC North

  • 11:50
  • Market Under the Microscope: Germany

    This session takes magnifying glass to one of Europes’ key economies and data center markets. Our speakers discuss investment opportunities, pitfalls, strengths, market nuances and future developments to keep an eye on – and ultimately why to go there in the first place.
    Moderator: Alexander Hauser, Managing Partner, TTSP HWP
    Denise Breen, Senior Project Manager, Iron Mountain
    Stephen Brook, Fund Director, Alpha Real Trust
    Mark Gregory, Managing Director, Penta Infra

  • 12:20
  • Developing Digital Hubs – Analysing Success Stories from Across the Globe

    Silicon Valley, the Dulles Corridor in North America, the FLAP markets in Europe and Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong in Asia – all are cited as key data center and digital hubs and examples of the infrastructure required to fuel our digital economy. What made these locations so attractive? Was it industrial, economic, political support, or a happy confluence of coinciding factors? How can markets looking to develop their attractiveness as digital infrastructure locations distinguish themselves? And what are the next digital hubs?
    Buddy Rizer, Executive Director, Loudoun County, Virginia Economic Development

  • 13:00
  • Lunch
  • 14:00
  • Market Under the Microscope: China

    The world’s most populous country has risen to be a force to be reckoned within digital technology as homegrown innovators position themselves in market leading positions both domestically and internationally. Within in China, a burgeoning middle-class and digitally engaged population is driving requirements for infrastructure development. Here where China sits in the move to digitization, key programmes underway and supporting infrastructure that is supporting growth and adoption.
    William Sulllivan, Director Partner Relations, Kingsoft Cloud

  • 14:30
  • The Future Workforce for the Data Center of Tomorrow (and Today)

    Workforce sustainability is a topic that has been under the microscope across engineering verticals for many years, but as demand continues to outstrip supply, without a conclusive solution in sight. Increasingly automated and intelligent systems can ease the problem, but how are individual organisations and the industry as a whole working to engage the future workforce? Further, as trends such as edge technologies and services evolve the nature of mission critical infrastructure, what is the impact on skill and training requirements?

  • 15:00
  • Case Study: Denmark – The New North European Digital Connectivity Hub

    Steen Hommel, Director, Invest in Denmark

  • 15:30
  • Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 16:00
  • Building Sustainability into Data Center Design and Operation

    Efficient use of resources has always be keen to the running and TCO of data center infrastructure. However, as data centers have risen in profile so too has their position as large energy consumers, adding a CSR element to business operational imperatives. How can data centers position themselves as good environmental citizens? What is the real impact of heat recycling, grid and utility integration and renewable energy sourcing? Is there active collaboration between data centers and energy/utility providers? Does legislation recognise the reality of data center energy consumption? And beyond good publicity, what is the business advantage of going ‘green’?

  • 16:30
  • Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities in Data Center Operations

    Power and cooling infrastructure are a perennial focus when it comes to uptime in the data center. As server and compute demands have evolved, supporting infrastructure is also under pressure to keep pace. Here we explore how the evolution of the data center as whole is influencing the technological development and deployment of power and cooling technologies and what needs to be taken into account to ensure infrastructure can meet future demands.
    Markus Ehrström, Senior Manager, Project Development, Wärtsilä Finland Oy
    Andreas Grewing, Senior Director, Head of Telecom Power Solutions, Delta EMEA

  • 17:00
  • End of Day One
  • 5th June - FINVEST - Genois Theatre / Théâtre Génois

  • Finvest
  • 07:30
  • Registration
  • 08:00
  • Sponsored Networking Breakfast
  • 09:00
  • Datacloud Global Congress Opening and Summit Plenary
  • 11:00
  • Chairman opening address

    João Marques Lima, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Data Economy

  • 11:05
  • Data Economy Leaders Debate

    CFO’s from the world’s leading TMT, data hosting, cloud, telco and PE firms debate the sector in a new stage format that will lead to the year’s top panel discussion for the industry.
    Chair: João Marques Lima, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Data Economy

  • 11:45
  • State of the market update

    An opportunity to analyse the economic impact of the data centre, cloud and edge computing industries. Delving into the latest M&A deals, investments and project developments on a global basis. This is an opportunity to get to grips with some of the overarching trends that can be identified in spend, expansion and management of cloud and IT white space.

  • 12:05
  • Digital Infrastructure Financing

    From fiber to 5G and new infrastructure, investment in the wider network to support the cloud is booming and shifting. For example, as hyperscalers invest billions in the build of new cables, the segment has become an attractive business case for investors. In this presentation, the audience will be presentation with a compelling overview of the challenges and opportunities across investment in supporting and connecting infrastructure.
    Chair: Abigail Opiah, Senior Reporter, Data Economy
    Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets
    Sicco Boomsma, Director TMT, ING
    Pieter-Jan Bouten, Managing Director, Greenhill
    Chris Hogg, Investment Director, Amber Infrastructure
    Steffen Leiwesmeier, Head of Financing, Digital Infrastructure, Hamburg Commercial Bank

  • 12:35
  • Networking Lunch
  • 13:30
  • Panel Discussion Sponsored by Greenberg Traurig LLP

    Chair: Kemal Hawa, Partner & Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP

  • 14:00
  • Panel Discussion: M&A and Expansion in a Thriving Data Center Landscape

    Global M&A and investment in the data center sector continues unabated at record levels. A bullish market for data center services across the globe is attracting operators and investors to consider new opportunities driven in large part from North America into Europe and also Asia. In this discussion we consider the key developments driving global expansion, the strategy behind developing new geographical markets and how this impacts the global data center landscape.
    Chair: Miles Loo, EVP, Newmark Knight Frank
    Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, IFC
    Matthew Dent, CCO, Global Switch
    Hossein Fateh, Chairman & CEO, CloudHQ
    Avner Papouchado, CEO, ServerFarm
    Jonathan Schildkraut, EVP, Chief Stragy Officer, CyrusOne

  • 14:30
  • Edge Investment Hotspots: What are the Next Big Edge Computing Destinations

    Edge will be everywhere, but where should investments be done next? Competition is shooting up in Tier 1 markets, yet, the majority of the world’s population resides outside these regional hubs. This panel will discuss the locations no one is talking about, from Indonesia to Central America.
    Randy Brouckman, CEO, EdgeConneX
    Michael Ortiz, Practice Co-Leader, Keyser

  • 15:00
  • Networking Break
  • 15:30
  • The Next Destination

    Latin America and Africa have in recent months seen an uprising in data centre, cloud and IT infrastructure investment. This session looks at the drivers and opportunities for financiers and data centre operators across the regions, analysing the nuances of each market, capacity, investment potential and risk.
    Chair: Michael Tobin OBE, Industry Entrepeneur
    Ralph Choufani, Principal, ABRY Partners

  • 16:00
  • APAC Awakening

    Some of the largest market opportunities are in China, India and SEA. From hyperscalers to edge players, these three markets are awakening to a tsunami of investment forces that will connect the last unconnected parts of the world. This session looks at the drivers and opportunities for financiers and data centre operators across APAC, analysing the nuances of each market, capacity, investment potential and risk.

  • 16:30
  • Private Equity and Institutional Investor Panel

    As the market has matured, a number of private equity and institutional investors have emerged as discrete investors in the data centre environment. The panel will explore what investors are looking for from their investments, what projects types are currently attractive, the expertise they bring to the table, projections for future investment and emerging risks for private equity investors.
    Jeffrey Ferry, Director, Goldman Sachs
    Jeffrey Krogh, Managing Director, BNP Paribas
    Christof Hammerli, Head Digital Infrastructure, Landmark Dividend

  • 17:00
  • Edge-Tech: What investors need to know about the emerging technologies in the TMT space

    From AI to nanotechnology, the data centre of the future and connectivity infrastructure are already in the making. Deep learning, machine learning, SDN, NFV, blockchain, all is changing the TMT infrastructure space and more is about to be unleashed on operators, opening new doors to revenues, investment and profit.

  • 6th June - Datacloud Global Congress - Central Theatre

  • Chair: Dean Bubley, Founder and Director, Disruptive Analysis
  • 10:00
  • Day Two Opening Keynote
  • 10:20
  • The Data Center, Cloud, The Edge and 5G – Opportunities and Bottlenecks (and Overpromising)

    The interplay between the core and the edge has been one of some discussion in recent years, as incumbent infrastructure providers and customers explore edge technologies will influence their existing strategies. The potential promise of 5G has seemingly only further muddied the waters. Here we seek to explore the reality on the ground and what the future landscape of cloud, edge and 5G technologies will look like.

  • 10:50
  • The Edge Marketplace – Bigger than the Internet

    Mark Thiele, Director Engineering, Edge Compute, Ericsson

  • 11:10
  • Telefonica Case Study: Deploying Edge Services in Spain and Brazil

    Patrick Lopez, VP Networks Innovation, Telefonica

  • 11:30
  • Developing the Physical Reach of Edge Services

    Mission critical service delivery is set to be built on the back of increasingly diverse classes of communications infrastructure to support highly specified application requirements of latency, availability, security and redundancy. Here we will explore the deveopment of communications infrastrucuture for the future generation of network and application delivery – including, tower and rooftop antenna site; data centers; fiber and back-haul; cloud storage; and, small cell, DAS and WiFi
    Marc Ganzi, CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Bridge Holdings

  • 11:50
  • Delivering the Next Industrial Revolution – Managing Multiple Edges

    Data centers, cloud, 5G and MEC – the concept of a single fixed edge is dead. The demand for storage and compute capability and at the extremes of the network is driving a requirement for novel solutions. How can this network of overlapping edges and requirements be managed without excessive overheads? This will explore factors such as development, deployment, reliability and recovery.

  • 12:20
  • Building the Business Case for Edge Infrastructure

    The shift of compute requirements and demand to the periphery network is driving interest in edge infrastructures – with the rise of OT/IoT, connected vehicles and streamed media. However what is the reality of future network deployment requirements? What applications will move to the edge and which can continue in traditional cloud models? Are there fresh data and connectivity strategies to consider? What considerations do service providers need to consider in their business strategies? And how will edge services be costed?

  • 13:00
  • Close of Conference and Networking Lunch
  • 6th June - Datacloud Global Congress - Theatre 2

  • 10:00
  • Keynote Presentation
  • 10:20
  • Simplifying the Data Center – A Move to Standardisation?

    While the data center remains too complex an environment for full standardisation of equipment, there is a desire for simplification. Is there an opportunity for consistency across data center builds and components? Can regional differences be accommodated whilst still keeping systems simple and costs down – shortening delivery and deployment and simplifying service and maintenance?

  • 10:50
  • Panel Discussion: Defining a Digital Brand for the Data Centre and Cloud

    Moderator: Nicola Hayes, Founder, Andrastra

  • 13:00
  • Close of Conference and Networking Lunch

Please note the programme is subject to further updates. Thank you.