Enterprises at Datacloud Europe

Meet the people you want to meet at Datacloud Events

In order to maximise ROI for our partners BroadGroup has pioneered pre-qualified Enterprise/End-User meetings across our international slate of events.

We first pioneered this programme during our 2014 Datacloud Europe event in Monaco. Bringing together service providers and their customers in a series of pre-organised business meetings. Due to the huge success of this programme in insuring new business leads and relationships this has now been expanded to all Datacloud events.

Our dedicated Enterprise Team research and contact end-users, arrange for them to travel to the conference and curate the schedule of face-to-face meetings.

At our 2017 Datacloud Europe over 200 pre-qualified meetings successfully took place during this leadership summit.

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If you are an End-User who would like to register for complimentary tickets please apply here